View Full Version : 24 Hours in Tucson

Chris Partti
6-Mar-2000, 01:21
My wife has to cancel a planned speaking engagement in Tucson later this month, but has a non-refundable ticket which I am thinking about using. It gets me to Tucson mid-afternoon on a weekday, and leaves 24 hours later. In addition to a trip to the Center for Creative Photography for a print viewing session, this wo uld allow me two shoots (evening and next morning) in or around Tucson. Any sugg estions?

Thomas A. Castelberg
6-Mar-2000, 03:35
Your best bet will be both parts of the Saguaro National Monument. I prefer the Western part, however. Most amazing sunsets can be witnessed there and the huge cacti provide superb shapes in the foreground. The mountains in the Western part contribute to its attraction.

neil poulsen
6-Mar-2000, 03:42
When I was at the CCP MANY years ago, they had viewing stations that placed prints behind a quarter inch, scratched, store-bought, piece of plastic that successfully obscured the subtleties of the print. Boy, what a disappointment. So, I asked for large prints that wouldn't fit in their viewing stations. It's been long enough, perhaps they've redesigned their stations.

Gary Frost
6-Mar-2000, 13:38
You may want to consider a visit to the San Xavier Mission. You don't have much time and this subject will keep you from hiking too much.

sean mcentee
7-Mar-2000, 18:38
Saguaro is nice, but you really have to work hard to avoid cliches. I loved Cat alina state park. I found some amazing things to shoot there. Ironically the best shot of my whole trip to Tuc son was on one of the downtown streets. Enjo