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Emmanuel BIGLER
9-May-2006, 03:01
I recently read two independant news about the continuation of some B&W AgfaPhoto products, namely Scala B&W slide film and Agfa B&W paper.

The question was raised here, so what I heve read is interesting
www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/497302.html (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/497302.html)
www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/500418.html (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/500418.html)

1/ about Scala Film : the French magazine « Le Photographe », issue #1460 may 2006, mentions in an article by Marc Bruhat (about the future of B&W fine art printing labs in France), that Agfa Scala films might be manufactured by Foma in the near future. In the article, there is an inteview of the boss of one of the Parisian labs, the Dupon lab which has recently acquired the Arka lab, the french Scala specialist lab. Not only Arka has a good stock including 8x10" Scala sheet film, but a solution is supposed to be found for continued supply from Foma. No details are given, so this is to be confirmed.

2/ about AgfaPhoto B&W paper : the German magazine "Fotoforum" issue #3/2006 (May-June) presents a comparative chart of replacement products for AgfaPhoto products.
AgfaPhoto B&W paper either RC or baryt (Multicontrast Classic® 111 and 118) are supposed to be continued by Maco-Hamburg. the German text says : " weiterhin lieferbar von Maco " which means : continuation of the product, not an ersatz. Again this is to be confirmed and tested.

Incidentally, the German Fotoforum magazine confirms that Rollei Retro 100 and 400 B&W films are the continuation of Agfa APX films by Maco, however I doubt that a supply of his film in 4x5" sheets or larger is available nor even in preparation (only 120 and 135 are mentioned on Maco's web site www.mahn.net (http://www.mahn.net))

Emmanuel BIGLER
9-May-2006, 06:02
I have double-checked MACO web pages about Agfa paper and my understanding is that to date (May 2006) MACO sells the existing AgfaPhoto stock.

So the question of replacing Agfa Multicontrast Classic by something else is postponed until the stock is empty ;-)

Donald Qualls
9-May-2006, 10:00
The "solution" from Foma for "reviving" or replacing Scala might just be an expansion or rebranding of their existing 100R film, a reversal-only silver image B&W film with silver antihalation. They already sell it in standard 8, double Super 8, 16 mm single and double perf, and 35 mm (bulk or cassettes). Foma has been selling this film for years, for both motion picture and still transparencies, and also sell (if you're in a location where it's available) a reversal processing kit for it (though it can be processed in any B&W reversal process). From what I hear, it's very nice stuff, though one stop slower than Scala. And of course Kodak still sells Plus-X Reversal and Tri-X Reversal motion pictures stock in 16 mm and 35 mm; in direct sale they'll sell as little as a single camera roll (100 feet for 16 mm, I think 400 for 35 mm).

I can see Foma being willing, if there's a market, to coat their 100R on sheet film base and cut to sheet sizes. That's extremely unlikely from Kodak. OTOH, I don't recall hearing of Scala being available in 4x5...

As I understand (from my reading) the Rollei rebranded Agfa films are, like the Maco sale of Agfa papers, just selling off what was left in the warehouses when AgfaPhoto closed its doors.

Emmanuel BIGLER
9-May-2006, 10:07
I don't recall hearing of Scala being available in 4x5...
Donald. You do not need to torture your memory for this : 4"x5" Agfa Scala *is* still available from Aka-Labo in Paris ;-);-) OK : I do not mean : available form the next-corner retail shop ;-)

Helen Bach
9-May-2006, 10:31

Are you sure that Plus-X and Tri-X reversal are available in 35 mm? I think that they are only available in 16 mm and Super 8. 7265 and 7266 only, no 5265 and 5266 in the catalogue.


Donald Qualls
9-May-2006, 13:05
Helen, might be a recent catalog change -- last time I looked in detail, the 35 mm versions did show, but that's been a year or so and Kodak is dropping products on a regular basis these days.

Joe Blaze
9-May-2006, 23:48
Go here for TriX reversal motion picture film info on Kodak web site: http://www.kodak.com/US/en/motion/products/bw/7266.jhtml?id=

My last purchase was 11/15/2005 for TriX reversal. Shipped immediately from NYC supplier.

Donald Qualls
10-May-2006, 07:19
Indeed, I see Tri-X Reversal and Plus-X Reversal are no longer listed in 35 mm (7xxx) sizes. I'd guess that market is small, as most productions shot in 35 mm will be shot on negative to allow later printing control (negative and print have the same advantages in motion picture as they do in still photography: two-stage control and far greater latitude).