View Full Version : Super Angulon 90mm f8 or 90mm f5.6 for 6x12

Roger Richards
7-May-2006, 12:09
Hi folks, just a question I would appreciate any opinions on. I am considering one of those Fotoman 6x12 panoramic cameras and I am trying to decide between two lenses, the Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f5.6 or 90mm f8. Which would you guys choose for 6x12? Thanks.

7-May-2006, 12:43
The SA f5,6 has the advantage of allowing easier focusing on a ground glass - that's exactly what you don't need (for most cases) on a handheld 6x12. Thus your choice is easy - go for the lighter SA f8.

Paul Droluk
7-May-2006, 17:52
Roger, both lenses are fine performers on our 612 camera. As gps mentioned, the f5.6 version will make it easier to use the GG option... something to consider if you intend to add our upcoming Shift Adapter to your system. The most often specified 90mm lens that we've observed however is the Nikon 90/8 SW. Likely because of it's small size, great performance, and Kerry Thalmann's recomendation. Be aware however that a 90mm lens on 612 is NOT the most often specified focal length, though that is the case for 617. On 612 the most often specified FL is 65mm followed closely by 75mm, as most users want a wider view in their panoramic images. After quite a bit of trial and error I have settled into the following for my personal 612 lens kit... 58XL, 90/8 Nikon, 135 Sironar S, 180 Sironar S and Nikon 270T-ED. This covers all bases, and yes... I use the 90mm fairly often.

Roger Richards
7-May-2006, 22:25
Thanks very much for your advice, GPS and Paul.