View Full Version : Fujinon 135 5.6 W vs. Nikkor 135 5.6 W

brian steinberger
7-May-2006, 11:17
I'm looking at buying a 135 lens for my 4x5 kit, and I'm having a hard time deciding between the Nikon or the Fuji lens. I'm wondering if anyone here has anyone experience with one or the other, or both!

I've heard many good things about Fujinon lenses, and also have a few very nice Nikon lenses for my 35mm stuff that I wouldn't give up for the world. I know that the Fujinon has a larger image circle, but is that at the sacrifice of quality? I shoot landscape and rustic architecture, and neither demand extreme movements. I also shoot both black and white and color. My other 4x5 lenses have a 67mm threads, so the Fuji would be a nice addition compared to the Nikkor's 52mm threads. Thanks for all imput!

Dave Hally
7-May-2006, 12:40
I have the Nikon 135 5.6. I've only had a problem with it once, with extreme movements shooting up Bridal Veil falls, I should have had a wider lens!. I don't mind having two filter sizes, though I'll probably get an adapter and just use one. I'm using a Toyo 45A and do mostly landscape and "Nature Abstracts"

tim atherton
7-May-2006, 12:48
I've always found fuji lenses to be excellent.

Main thing is you should find the fuji rather more cheaply - anywhere from 179.00 to 300.00 depending on version.

A decent one for around 250.00 would be normal

7-May-2006, 14:22

I'd definitely side with Tim on this one... the Fujinon lenses are simply great lenses for their quality and the money that people are selling them at. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the output from either pieces of glass though!

As for the Nikkor lenses... I also have a few of them and find them to be really, really decent lenses as well. No complaints whatsoever.

Bottom line here is... it's a bit of a personal choice and, IMHO, their quality is equal.

So, if it came down to a decision... I'd personally go with the Fujinon for it's slightly larger image circle just in case you ever need it! :)


Ron Marshall
7-May-2006, 14:24
Brian, I have the Fuji 300 f8.5 and the 450 f12.5 and I am very pleased with both, excellent image quality.

Ken Lee
7-May-2006, 16:37
Compare image quality, circle of coverage, size, weight, filter size, cost, availability.

See Specs for new large format lenses (http://largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF4x5in.html" target="_blank) and Large Format Lens Tests (http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html" target="_blank).

Stephen Willard
11-May-2006, 04:51
Caution must be exercised here. I find Nikon's specs to be very conservative. The image circle in many cases is larger then what they advertise. For example my 720mm Nikon lens covers my 4x10 wide open even though it is only rated for 5x7 at f/22. I suspect their image circle is based on a percentage of light fall off as opposed to vignetting. If the image circle is slightly bigger with the Fuji lens, then I suspect in reality there is no difference between the two lenses. It comes down to the algorithm one uses to determine image circle.