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6-May-2006, 14:22
I'm looking for a reliable resale resource for Omega enlargers - all equipment. Would like to purchase complete setup D5-XL w/universal condenser. Building a new darkroom after many years of not having one. Any resources other than e-bay you like would be appreciated.

Christopher Nisperos
6-May-2006, 14:48
Here's the first answer which will pop into most people's head:


John Bowen
6-May-2006, 15:03
What a great site. Does anyone know if a similar site exists for Beseler enlargers?


Ken Lee
6-May-2006, 15:09
I got my used enlarger at Midwest Photo Exchange (http://www.mpex.com" target = "_blank)

David Crossley
6-May-2006, 16:28
KHB @ www.khbfotografix.com (http://www.khbfotografix.com) . Professional knowledgable people and sell refurbs etc.

Check in with technical colleges that did darkroom, and it also would'nt hurt to check with your favorite pro lab (usually stockpile the workhorse D5 for spare parts).

David Crossley/Crossley Photography....

6-May-2006, 16:58
Thanks all for the information. I'm re-entering this world. These are great resources.

Ron Marshall
6-May-2006, 17:50
The Analog Photo Users Group, APUG, has a classifieds section on their site for darkroom equipment:


7-May-2006, 08:31
A few years I bid on a D2VXL on epay and didn't win the item. I contacted the seller whom I believe his tag is Omega Man. His hobby is refurbishing Omega enlargers. He built me a D2VXL with lenscone, neg carrier, and instructions (including alignment instructions.), with shipping for the cost of $450.00. (No base board.) I specified that I wanted an enlarger in perfect condition with pristeen condensers. That's exactly what I got. It looks new and is in perfect condition.
For the Baseboard I bought a sheet of 3/4 in. Birch plywood and laminated three layers of it together using west system epoxy. Very stable.

The mans name is :

Jim Haxby
2210 Willow St. Florence, OR. 97439

Sorry I don't have a phone number. Good Luck, dee