View Full Version : TMAX RS Develooper and J&C Films

Michael Heald
5-May-2006, 08:20
Hello! I've been using 4x5 TMax 100 and 400 with TMax RS 1:9 with a Unicolor rotary drum for development and I like the results.

I've been trying out an 8x10 pinhole camera with J&C 100 and Pyrocat HD in the Unicolor drum development. I'm in the process of experimenting with 16x20 hyperfocal camera.

I'd like to use POP and cyanotype for the 8x10 and ULF. TMax films aren't easily available in ULF sizes. I've read that TMax films in TMax RS and Pyrocat HD should perform well for POP and cyantotype.

I'm curious if anyone has experience with J&C films developed in TMax RS. Staying with one developer and getting to know it well for TMax and J&C films is appealing to me.

Does TMax RS with J&C films give the expansion that folks recommend for POP and Cyantoype processes the way that Pyrocat HD does? Thank you and best regards.