View Full Version : Re-toning Selenium

brian steinberger
3-May-2006, 22:22
I processed, toned, and completely washed and dried a print tonight and looking at it dry I wish I had toned it longer. Can I re-tone the print after it's been toned once? I understand that I'll have to wet it first and completely wash it again.

Jim Ewins
3-May-2006, 22:40
This isn't social science, try it. Only you can duplicate the conditions.

Oren Grad
3-May-2006, 22:42
Yes, if the print hasn't been toned to completion it should be possible to tone it further. No reason not to try it.

3-May-2006, 23:47
"Only you can duplicate the conditions."

which actually makes it a lot like social science ;)

John Z.
4-May-2006, 16:09
A dry print can be re-toned; Ansel did it, as I recall reading in one of his books somewhere.

brian steinberger
4-May-2006, 17:52
For the record, I retoned the image tonight and it works, but the blacks became very weak. I think I may have reached maximum D-max in the Selenium and it started working the other way. So the print is trashed... should have got it right the first time.