View Full Version : Wierd marks on Forte Paper

brian steinberger
3-May-2006, 16:05
Ok, I have the picture on here now. Here's what it looks like.

I'm having a weird experience here. I'm using Forte NB neutral tone paper and sometimes I'm getting these strange line things on my prints (see below). They are about an inch in length on 11x14 paper and perfectly straight. They start with a bright white dot and then proceed with a line to the right. They are all identical. And it seems that one print will have a few (2 or 3) and the next sheet will be clean of them. I can't think of anything that I'm doing that would cause these marks. It's very frustrating. Can anyone help me?

steinbergerphotography.com/gallery/portraiture/011_G (http://steinbergerphotography.com/gallery/portraiture/011_G)

Jim MacKenzie
3-May-2006, 16:07
The fact that the lines are black makes me wonder if it's a negative fault.

You're able to print the same negative again without having this fault? Or is it a different negative?

brian steinberger
3-May-2006, 17:20

same negative. Last night I had one print with three of those lines in it, and the next print was perfectly clean. Wierd...

ronald lamarsh
3-May-2006, 19:22
Haven't had a black lines but some time ago I was using some 11x14 polygrade V and got a very faint white line across the entire print! I didn't really see it until i was retouching the print with my magnafying glasses on but after that it was quite visible to the naked eye once you knew it was there. I had one other person on this forum say that they had had the same defect.