View Full Version : Weird Marks on Forte Paper

brian steinberger
2-May-2006, 21:52
I'm having a weird experience here. I'm using Forte NB neutral tone paper and sometimes I'm getting these strange line things on my prints (see below). They are about an inch in length on 11x14 paper and perfectly straight. They start with a bright white dot and then proceed with a line to the right. They are all identical. And it seems that one print will have a few (2 or 3) and the next sheet will be clean of them. I can't think of anything that I'm doing that would cause these marks. It's very frustrating. Can anyone help me?

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brian steinberger
2-May-2006, 21:53
Ok, what's the HTML to upload a picture?

Ralph Barker
2-May-2006, 22:41
Currently, images need to already be on a web-accessible server, not on your hard drive. The new software, however, will allow uploads onto the forum server.

Barry Wilkinson
3-May-2006, 05:33
I have not experienced short lines on Forte. However, I have had some batches of Forte paper with fine lines right across the sheet. I guess this is a manufacturing defect but the paper is so nice I accept the occasional loss.


Michael Gudzinowicz
3-May-2006, 06:29
Is there any possibility of picking up drops of fixer from a tray edge or surface prior to development?

John Sarsgard
3-May-2006, 15:15
I have had several weird problems, too. I use only the poly warmtone, and have had a box of cold tone paper in the warmtone box. also paper recently with fogged edges. But I love it, too, and put up with it. The only reasonable alternative for me is Bergger VCCB, which i think is made on the Forte lines also.

Craig Wactor
4-May-2006, 17:00
Does it only occurs with older developer? There is an ingredient in developer that drops below a certain level and white lines show up. Mine have always been rippled though, and not white. They show up intermittedly. I've forgotten what specifically the chemical reaction was, but switching to fresh developer fixes it for me.