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Gary Smith
30-Apr-2006, 16:08

Currently I am using high tech filters in a colkin holder for most of my lenses, with threads from 77 to 55mm. However, over the last few months I also got a 72mm Anglon with 95mm threads, and a Docter Optics 300 with 40.5mm threads. Since the High Tech/Colkin set is only good up to 83mm, I am thinking about buying all glass filters in 95mm, and using step up rings. In the case of the 300mm Dr. Optics lens, I will have to use multiple stepup rings to make a 95mm to 40.5mm adapter.

Basically, my question is I am asking for trouble by using multiple rings, problems such as flare? Or are there any disadvantages of using such big filters?

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!



John Z.
30-Apr-2006, 16:35
This is a common dilemma with larger lenses that I think we all run into eventually. I also have a number of lenses, and have standardized my filters, lens hoods, and step up rings to 77mm, which is a good choice, as the filters and lens hoods are readily available. Using multiple rings is not a problem. I highly recommend a lens shade which is readily found on Ebay that has a 77m thread on the front, and the rubber shade can be extended out in front of the shade. I also have 3 lenses that are larger, including a Dagor, and step them all up to 95mm, the next largest standard size. It works fairly well, but you do have to duplicate your filters to some extent in the larger size; there are no problems as long as you use a lens shade when needed; I found a good metal 95mm shade on Ebay. I have not found the 95mm size to be difficult or too big to work with.
I had a great deal of trouble though, back when I had a few Rodenstock lenses with 112mm filter sizes. The filters at that point are just way too big and cumbersome, and expensive, and I found the best option was to sell the large lenses and use smaller ones.

Mark Woods
30-Apr-2006, 18:11
Hi Gary,

In the film industry, standard filters are pretty much the norm. I have Series 9 and 6.6"x6.6" that cover pretty much everything I need. The Series 9 filters are used predominately for hand held work. I have a wide angle rubber lens shade and a "normal" rubber lens shade. I've used multiple step up rings and never had a problem. That said, the really wide lenses can vignette with even one filter in the adaptor to the lens. The 6.6" filters are also cc & ND filters and A LOT of graduated filters. I'm standardizing in LF with my Series 9 filters so I don't have to break the bank -- AGAIN -- on filters. Although I am going to miss using the grads in LF. Oh well.... BTW, the 6.6 matt box is about the size of an 8x8 LF camera with a 300 mm lens at infinity. Big beast.


Bob Salomon
1-May-2006, 06:53
Heliopan can make a 40.5 to 95mm adapter on a custom order basis. However, due to the large step-up it would probably be made from aluminum rather then their normal brass. That would be too keep the weight down.