View Full Version : calumet c2 8x10 field camera-black model

Richard A. Johnson
6-Mar-2000, 13:12
This pass weekend I pick up a 8x10 calumet C2 field camera black model. Anyone h ave any experience using this model? What are it's + & -, can anyone direct me to finding a operation mannual for this camera. I notice that this camera is on axis tilting and I am use to working with off axis tilting, what are the draw ba ck if an? what ajustments willI have to make if any? I am excited about the world of 8x10 Ilook forward to your comments and help. Th ank RJ

Greg Froelich
7-Mar-2000, 12:01
Try searching previous messages on this list for Calumet C-1 or Orbit. You'll f ind there are quite a few! I have a black Calumet C1 8x10 and have profited a great deal from these past discussions. By the way, I've only seen the C-2 desi gnation used in reference to the 120/220 film backs for the 4x5 camera. Good luck! You've got a great camera!