View Full Version : 74mm filters?

William Mortensen
29-Apr-2006, 02:05
I have several 12" Velostigmats which take 74mm filters. These are common enough lenses that perhaps someone will have suggestions on how to best put a threaded filter on them. Is 74mm perhaps an old series size? As always, thanks muchly!

29-Apr-2006, 04:49
Lee makes a gel holder that uses a rubber band to attach to the lens. Will work up to 82mm I think. Cheapest and simplest solution. Some lens hoods attach to the outside of the lens with set screws. If you get one with a filter slot then you'll be set. If you're committed on using screw filters then tape/glue a step ring to the lens. 77mm or 82mm would seem to make the most sense. On one lens for a short while I taped a rubber hood to the lens. The hood had a mount for a screw filter. Take the lens to a camera shop and try various hoods to see what fits best.

Is the lens threaded for filters?

William Mortensen
29-Apr-2006, 14:55
Nick- all three lenses are threaded for filters with what looks to be a standard pitch. I've never seen a 74mm filter,though. Having couple of 74-to-77mm (or larger) step-up rings would be ideal, but custom fabrication is out of range.

Ialways liked threaded filtersover the much-more versatile slip-on systems, though I admit the only reason is what I'm used to...