View Full Version : Contact printers with air bladder/how to?

Tom Keenan
28-Apr-2006, 12:02
I have access to an old Arkay 8x10 contact printer but have never used one. My question is how to properly inflate the air bladder? The top has a metal cap that looks like I should attach an air hose to. Should I attach to high pressure? A compressor? I'm sure there are folks who have used these and I'm looking for a quick lesson so I don' t destroy anything!!
Tom Keenan

Steve Hamley
28-Apr-2006, 12:26

Usually these used a hose and bulb like a shutter release. Don't use high pressure.


Clueless Winddancing
13-May-2006, 12:27
Bike-tire pump does it for me.