View Full Version : So far Jobo/Omega Satter service sucks

tim atherton
27-Apr-2006, 19:16
Further to my recent post about trying to get Jobo parts, I've had zero luck getting anything from Oega Satter, the new Jobo distributor.

I'm merely trying to get a couple of small parts for a current model Jobo (rollers etc) sent to Canada and their service absolutely sucks.

I've emailed Jobo germany, I emailed Jobo USA as well as what is supposed to be their parts/service person. I've phoned and left messages.

Not a peep.

My guess is they must have basically given up on film processing...

(and does anyone have another idea of where to source some parts?)

Oren Grad
27-Apr-2006, 19:28
Tim, I got good service from Omega/Satter last fall when I needed to obtain a replacement Lift handle. They returned my phone calls and tracked down the part I needed, despite being in the midst of the transition from the old Jobo USA and having a chaotic warehouse full of uncataloged inventory.

Either something has changed, or they don't want to deal with customers outside the US, or...?

tim atherton
27-Apr-2006, 19:34
"or they don't want to deal with customers outside the US"

they "are" supposed to be the job distributor for Canada and the US...

Oren Grad
27-Apr-2006, 21:32
Maybe you need to send an expeditionary force down to Maryland... < sigh >

Erik Gould
28-Apr-2006, 07:47
I am underwhelmed by the service so far. A big comedown from what it used to be. I am still waiting for a part and I remain hopeful that it will show up, but this has taken weeks, and it took some effort just to get to the point of getting the correct part ordered. I found it best to call, e-mail doesn't get answered. They seem understaffed and not completely familiar with the product line, hopefully that will improve over time.

Joseph O'Neil
28-Apr-2006, 10:43
Probally just resistance to dealing in Canada. Years ago I was a Canadian Fujinon dealer (binoculars & spotting scopes, no lenses or cameras). The Canadian Fujinon dsitributor "disappeared" one day, web site gone, phone line dead, building empty, etc. Never did find out what exactly happened.

Anyhow, I tried contacting Fujinon USA distribution directly a few times, left phone messages, and more, but never, ever heard back form them, so finally gave up.

The real problem is volume. The entire population of Canada is no more than the population or either California or Florida for example, but you have this population spread over the world's second largest country, at least 3,000 miles from coast to coast. Without exaggeration, a distributor of any kind of optical goods will likely ship more product in a month to NYC, maybe just even B&H alone for that matter, than to all of Canada combined in a year. It isn't just population, but outside of areas like Toronto or Vancouver, you just do not seem to have the "money base" required to support many specialty products, not just photography, so the end result is, even on a per capita basis, you have a smaller market. Example - totally fictional numbers here - but say for arguement sake there's a ratio of one LF photographer for every 100,000 people in the USA. In Canada, that same ratio would likely be closer to 1:200,000 or 1:300,000 people.

So my guess is, it's simply not worth thier time. I ended up buying some used JOBO stuff off Ebay, but even there, it's a pain in the butt because many people will not ship to Canada.


evan clarke
28-Apr-2006, 10:53
It's not going to get any better. I am waiting for some white retention clips for my CPP2. I ordered 8 which is 2 full sets and that was about all of them thet Omega ordered for their entire shipment. I am watching auctions like a hawk and hope to pick up another machine to have for backup at a reasonable price. Mine is old but just runs too well to abandon it..EC

28-Apr-2006, 12:05
Thanks for the heads up in regard to Omega Satter's quality of service. I just spoke to a Greg in repairs there a few days ago to get an return authorization for my CPA 2 motor and pump assembly. He seemed OK to deal with. Before the switchover Jobo had been pretty good to get Jobo spare parts from when I replaced the pump impeller shaft.

Btw (if this is a thread hijack mods delete me), the problem I'm having is the white three pronged switch that flips back and forth to get the motor to reverse direction. I've dissassembled the housing and adjusted it; the adjustment only holds for a few reversals.
It looks like it should be simple but it's becoming a bit frustrating. Suggestions? Thanks in advance! Brian

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
28-Apr-2006, 12:18
Hello Tim.

I have recently replaced the rollers on my Jobo Cpp2. The part number is 95183 for the complete assembly. There was some delay as the part had to come from Jobo Germany to the UK.
Total cost was 16.50. The Jobo dealer here in UK is:

First Call at: www.firstcall-photographic.co.uk

Their address is:
Firstcall Photographic Limited Cherry Grove Rise West Monkton Taunton TA2 8LW UK.

Hope you soon get sorted. Stan. L-B

Erik Gould
9-Aug-2006, 12:51
I am happy to give this update: I have received the part and my warranty status was honored so things are looking up-- maybe-- it did take five months, but it seems like Greg at OmegaSatter is getting a handle on things. Hopefully, service will be faster for other folks. They were friendly, but if one has to wait for something to come from Germany each time, well, maybe a plan "B" for film processing would be a good thing to have if the Jobo goes down.

14-Aug-2006, 05:59
I ordered a part from them last week and it was delivered last week. No complaints here, but I must admit that their shipping charge seemed at bit steep.

bob carnie
14-Aug-2006, 06:12

It can only get worse with Jobos announcement of not producing the Alt series anymore. We have tried to purchase a lift arm 2 months ago from Omega Sattar with no response to repeated emails.
At this point we are looking to design our own *semi automatic system* to replace the two alt2300s we have but still using all the reels and tanks which we invested extensively in and do not want to replace.
Anyone that has ideas of how to incorporate jobo tanks with some type of programmable computer system to store times and process information I would be very happy to here from you.
Once we do this *late fall* we will post our design here and on apug.org for other Jobo fanatics.