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27-Apr-2006, 10:41

In the German lf forum the question arose wether it is possible to order sheet film overseas and have it shipped e.g. by UPS without being destroyed by x-rays (the film, not me). Has anybody experience with film orders that are shipped by air across borders? Which carriers? Was the film marked as such? etc.

Thanks for any hints.

Jimmy Peguet
27-Apr-2006, 11:27
I often order film from the USA to France without any problem. Shipping by USPS. I ordered HP5 ULF, FP4 ULF, Efke 100 ULF and smaller sizes, TMax 400, no problem.

Amund BLix Aaeng
27-Apr-2006, 13:24
I have gotten film sent from USA to Norway with UPS and USPS. No problems at all.

Patrik Roseen
27-Apr-2006, 13:56
I have received film to Sweden from the US using both USPS and UPS without any problems. I would worry more about the shifting temperature of the package rather than x-ray. The UPS delivery became more expensive than anticipated because they first try delivering to my residential address, but when I was not there they delivered it to my office the next day and for some reason they charged me and I also remember having to pay customs, which barely happens using USPS ;-). The good thing was that the package was cold as if it came out of the cooler when I received it. The USPS packages on the other hand will sit on a shelf in my local grocery store which in the summer has problem with the heat...and which temperature zones it might have passed along the way is something we will hardly know.

Michael Kadillak
27-Apr-2006, 16:28
Check with J&C Photo. They have a European distributor and can make it advantageous to do business with them here and receive the film overseas. John the owner of J&C would be happy to provide you with the details. Send him an e-mail and let the numbers speak for themselves.


John Quinn
28-Apr-2006, 14:23
I buy all my film fron B and H and have it shipped to Australia (UPS or FedEx) I have never had a problem. It comes quicker than I can obtain in in my home town, and is significantly cheaper.

Ted Harris
28-Apr-2006, 17:45
I have had a lot of film shipped to me in the US by Luftposte, DHL and the Italina Post ... no problems.

Diane Maher
28-Apr-2006, 17:53
I have bought film from Japan and had it shipped to the US by either Fed-Ex or UPS (don't remember which) and it was fine.

29-Apr-2006, 00:50
Hi all,

Thanks for all the answers. It looks like it's no problem. J&C has also confirmed by e-mail that they have never encountered any problems.

Diane, where in Japan did you order film, if I may ask?

Diane Maher
29-Apr-2006, 06:24
I purchased some 8x10 Fuji Acros film from Megaperls Webshop. http://www.unicircuits.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=30

It was sent from somewhere in the Chiba Prefecture to Tokyo, then to Chicago (where it went through customs), then to St. Louis and then to me. And it looks like I was wrong, it was shipped via the Post Office, not UPS/Fed-Ex.