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David Luciano
6-Mar-2000, 08:46
What a great forum for those of us who are new to LF. I have been the very luck y recipient of Toyo 45E LF. Im tyring to find out when this camera was built and what the original cost was. No, im not thinking of selling it, that would be do wn right stupid. It has a beautiful 150mm Schnider/Copland lens and is in excell ent condition. How lucky can one get. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


N Dhananjay
6-Mar-2000, 09:26
Don't know about the Omni View. Toyo did make an Omega 45E. No idea if it is the same piece or not. Geared rise and fall, axial tilts, swings and shifts on both standards. Geared fine focus on both standards. International back. If memory serves me right, these were manufactured by Omega before Toyo bought out the company. Toyo still supports these and in fact, it is compatible with all the Toyo C series stuff. Toyo should bee able to give you year of manufacture etc. Nice camera. DJ

Bill Glickman
6-Mar-2000, 16:14
Go to www.toyoview.com and you can email or contact the authorized Toyo dealer for positive confirmation...

David Grandy
7-Mar-2000, 17:01
"It has a beautiful 150mm Schnider/Copland lens and is in excellent condition."

I don't want to be a smart ass, but you might as well get it right. I'm pretty sure you have a Schneider lens with a Copal shutter.

erie patsellis
23-Jul-2007, 21:13
and an Toyo/Omega View 45E