View Full Version : Schneider APO-Symmar 210mm f/5.6 vs Rodenstock-N or S 210mm f/5.6

John Rodenberg
10-Apr-1998, 22:00
I heard that Schneider 210mm is superb sharper than Rodenstock-N or S. Is that t rue? Schneider 210 and Rodenstock-S is near same price about $989.00 execpt Rode nstock-N is lower price about $829.00 becuse of size filter is 67mm. So do you s uggest to tell me that your opinion? Since Nikkor SW 90mm f/8 and Schneider Supe r-Angulon f/8 are same size filter 67mm. I am not sure if I choice right lenses because of budget... Let me know. Thank you



11-Apr-1998, 00:01
I have a 210 APO Symmar, a 180 Sironar N and a 240 APO Ronar. I can't honestly t ell any difference in contrast or sharpness between the three, in enlargments up to 11x14. I don't normally go any larger than that. If you take a picture of tr ee branches at infinity and they look as sharp as barbed wire thru a loop, you c an't get much sharper than that. All three of these lenses pass that un-scientic , but I feel, valid, test. If you are looking to save a little and have matching filter sizes, I think the Rodenstock would be a good choice, it is definately worth considering.

Ron Shaw
14-Apr-1998, 13:35
I think both of these lenses will have far greater resolution than you will ever achieve on film. Things like film registration and diffraction will always limi t sharpness way before lens resolution. (thats why some old 'classic' lenses are just as sharp as newer glass. The limiting factor in sharpness usually isnt the lens).