View Full Version : WPP Mk V111 roll film holder

Richard Stephens
26-Apr-2006, 14:27
Can anyone help. A photo enthusiast and architect friend of mine in SW France has a lovely MMP MkV111 Body style - C , Serial no. after 12000 (1963-1988) and wants to convert his 5 x4 plate neg holders (which are a bit damaged now) to a roll film unit. Anyone know where he might be able to find one? Then again how can he be sure it will fit his old unit (which is in very good condition)?
Any help would be great- ps I've hit the MMP user web site already. Thanks Richard

Richard Kelham
26-Apr-2006, 17:09
Errrm, why not just buy an MPP roll film back (or a Linhof/Wista/etc) and save a lot of trouble? By the way the MPP Micro Technical (especially the Mk VIII) is a great little camera...