View Full Version : Compur Electronic 3 - battery position?

Patrik Roseen
26-Apr-2006, 05:48
I have a Schneider Symmar 300mm f5.6 sitting in a Compur Electronic-3 , but the battery compartment is missing. Since the battery is outdated anyway I'm planning to put together my own compartment with a total output of 4.5 V. Although I have some information about this shutter it does not tell me wich connector is the + pole and which is -pole.

From some pictures I have seen of the compartment and how it would fit on the shutter it looks as if it is the top connector on the shutter that is the +pole (looking straight on to the shutter with the connectors pointing out to the right side).

Help me please, THANKS!

Thierry Schreiner
26-Apr-2006, 06:45

The plus pole is the top connector.

I happen to have a battery housing lying around, that I do not use, and that you can get for free.
If your shutter still has the two connector pins, you just need to clip it on to it.

If you are interested, please contact me directly.

Best regards

Patrik Roseen
26-Apr-2006, 07:13
Wow Thierry,

Thank you very much. I have contacted you through an email.

I'm amazed of the friendliness in this forum...hope I can live up to it myself.

Again MERCI!!! Kind regards, Patrik

John Berry ( Roadkill )
26-Apr-2006, 10:30
4.5 volt batteries are still available at radio shack. They are listed for a mac computer.

Patrik Roseen
10-May-2006, 14:07

I received the battery compartment from you today and it fits perfectly on my compur electronic-3.

The internet is for sure a great invention but it would not be what it is if it was not for people like Thierry Schreiner and others on this forum. THANK YOU, Patrik.