View Full Version : How to correctly load polaroid type 52?

brian steinberger
24-Apr-2006, 18:04
This is probably a stupid question and thought I'd figure it out, but can someone explain how exactly to load, shot, and pull out a polaroid in a 545i holder? I just stuck the polaroid in, correct side toward lens, and exposed, pulled apart and nothing. yes, the lens was closed, and yes the holder was loaded correctly too. thanks!

Frank Petronio
24-Apr-2006, 18:18
The key step you missed is to flip the large lever over from "L" (for load) to "P" (for process) before you pull the film out of the holder. The P setting squeezes the rollers together, which breaks the chemical pods when you rapidly yet smoothly pull the film packet from the holder.

If you have a lightweight camera it helps to remove the holder from the camera before pulling. If you have a nice metal camera like a Sinar or Linhof, you can leave the holder in place and yank the Polaroid out directly.

steve simmons
24-Apr-2006, 18:19
Put the lever on L. Load the film. Insert the holder into the camera. Pull out the heavy paper covering until it stops. Expose the film. Push the heavy paper copering back in all the way. Move thelever to P. Pull the film out with a nice even pull. Pull it all the way out. The black metal clip at the end should come as well. Wait 30 seconds or so and peel it apart.

steve simmons


brian steinberger
25-Apr-2006, 07:22
thank you guys so much... i'm ready to go and try another one!!

25-Apr-2006, 08:49
That's the way, Steve.
I did it for the first time last weekend and without assistance, I would have done the same as Brian :-)


Donald Qualls
25-Apr-2006, 12:37
I've had an advantage on this -- though I have a 500 holder and have to watch closely that I don't pull the envelope too far (no stop), at least I got to practice with film that expired in 1987 and cost me shipping only for one unopened and one partial box of 52, and an unopened box of 55. I'm practicing with the 52 (still produces a somewhat washed out image with 2 minutes instead of the original 15 second development) and I'll plan to unload the 55 unprocessed (remember the release tab at the small end of the holder!) and develop the negatives in HC-110... ;)

And then when I can afford $70+ for some fresh film, I'll (hopefully) already know what I'm doing... :)

Steve Kefford
26-Apr-2006, 10:20
Your best bet woukd be to visit the Polaroid website and dl some very good documents that will tell you all you want to know.