View Full Version : schneider super symmar 80mm XL lens age

Gregory Ng
24-Apr-2006, 11:20

I have been offered a schneider super symmar 80 XL. How can I ascertain its date of manufacture to make sure it is not one of the early production models?

The age of lenses section at the Schneider site goes only to year 2000, so it doesn't help.



Don Miller
24-Apr-2006, 15:27
If the seller is Mike H. the lens is about two years old.

Brian Ellis
24-Apr-2006, 19:33
Call Schneider, if you have the serial number I think they can tell you. They've always been very helpful to me. I don't have the number handy but it must be on their web site www.schneideroptics.com.

Gregory Ng
25-Apr-2006, 08:32
Thanks Don and Brian.