View Full Version : Schneider Angulon 90mm

Nitish Kanabar
23-Apr-2006, 15:09
I have two schneider angulon 90 mm lenses, one of which has a red triangle marked on the rim just before the serial number while the other has no such marking. What does this red triangle signify?


Kevin Crisp
23-Apr-2006, 15:17
My understanding is that on the early ones, the triangle meant the lens was coated.

Ole Tjugen
24-Apr-2006, 02:43
Some early coated Schneider lenses are marked with the red triangle. After a couple of years of this ALL lenses were coated, so they stopped putting the triangle on.

I have two 90mm Angulons too, and I've just done a quick comparison of the two. Since I was after eventual differences in image circle between pre- and postwar Angulons, I tested them on 5x7" film. Results are on www.bruraholo.no/Cameras/Angulon/ (http://www.bruraholo.no/Cameras/Angulon/).

Patrik Roseen
24-Apr-2006, 11:16
Hi Ole

Nice comparison although it was not easy for me to see which lens performed the best...it looked like it was the one from 1951 (I guess its the flare which makes it difficult..). What is your own conclusion from the test?

(BTW I think you should say that it's the 2nd and 'fourth' line which use f8, right?)

Ole Tjugen
24-Apr-2006, 11:35
Thanks Patrik - I originally wrote "1st and 3rd", then looked at the pictures, and edited the line to 2nd and 3rd where it should have been 2nd and 4th... I'll get that fixed.

My conclusion is that the 1951 on has good sharpness over a larger area, but deteriorates very rapidly after that. The 1939 model has less sharpness at intemediate angles, but at f:32 the edges are visibly sharper. Where to set the limit between "sharp" and "unsharp" decides which one is "best". The old one does show better sharpness in the corners (of 5x7") at f:32; but the corners of a 4x5" would be noticably sharper with a 1951 model...