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Robert McClure
22-Apr-2006, 13:31
I was going through the Camera Eccentric website recently and came across the catalog for the V-Pan 6 x 17 camera. Seems like it is history but, wow, what a great thing!

That said, what options are available beyond a Canham 6 x 17 back in combination with a 5 x 7 camera? I am after the 6x17 format, lots of movement, and plenty of bellows draw.

Brian Vuillemenot
22-Apr-2006, 14:03
If you want to go the budget route, you can pick up a Shen-Hao/ Da-Yi panoramic roll film back. This will fit on any camera with a graflock back, and will allow you to shoot 6X17, 6X12, and 6X9 on 120 roll film. You just add or remove these little felt/cardboard masks to change the format. The main drawback with this back is that about the shortest lens you can use is an 80 mm, depending on your camera, and when you use a lens longer than about a 150 with the 6X17 configuration it starts to vignette the film. The vignetting is more pronounced with longer lenses, but is not an issue with the 6X12 or 6X9 configuration. This back is quite basic in design, and nowhere near as sexy as the Canham back, but it works great, and is a steal at about $650.

22-Apr-2006, 14:47
That back is an extension for 4x5 cameras. Isn't it? Would be nice if they produced a version that was just the 6x17 back and the roll film holder. That would get around most of the issues . At least it sounds like it would.

Darcy Cote
24-Apr-2006, 08:28
You may want to join the 6x17 forum at Yahoo.




Robert McClure
24-Apr-2006, 09:15
Thanks to all for helpful and informative responses.