View Full Version : exposing fuji astia

adrian tyler
22-Apr-2006, 00:19
i have just ordered a batch of fuji astia for an architectural project, indoors and outdoors, does anyone have experience exposing this film, what should i meter it at? bracket .5 or 1 stop? any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Ralph Barker
22-Apr-2006, 07:24
I've had good luck rating Astia at box speed with studio strobes, but you should probably run your own tests.

Jeffrey Sipress
22-Apr-2006, 10:54
I use it a lot for landscapes that are not in bright sun. I never use any particular compensation and the results are fine.

22-Apr-2006, 18:06

I also get great results shooting it indoors at 100 with 3200 Balcars!

Like Ralph... I'd also recommend you run some tests to see what you prefer.


Ted Harris
22-Apr-2006, 18:40
Again, run your own tests bu tlioke the others I reate it at box xpeed (100) for both studio use and landscapes. I generally bracket one over and under.

adrian tyler
23-Apr-2006, 08:05
thanks, sounds like no real tricks, i've ordered plenty and it's a long project so i'll get plenty of time to see how to use it. no artificial lights though, i'll be using long exposures in some pretty dark places, up to 10-15 seconds...

Jack Flesher
23-Apr-2006, 08:22
I shoot it quite a bit as it is one of my favorite films to scan. In the studio I rate it at 100 and expose normally with excellent results. In the field I meter the hottest spot I want at the edge of not blowing (usually snow or a bright cloud) and can place that at the border between zones 7 & 8 on my Pentax digital spot meter...