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paul owen
4-Mar-2000, 21:11
Has anyone tried out the Giottos ball heads that I have seen advertised in View Camera? They appear to be solid and the max load capacity seems okay for a 4X5 F ield camera. I appreciate that they will not be in the same league as Arca et al , but for a little over #60 stirling I can buy the MH1000 and quick release plat e. Thanks in advance, Paul.

Bob Salomon
4-Mar-2000, 21:53
There are 5 Giottos ball heads. The 3 largest, all with tension control, are the MH 2000, MH 1000 and the MH 1001. The 2000 and 1000 would be best for field cameras as the 1001 is too small. We would be happy to send a brochure on these or our Kaiser and Linhof ball heads to anyone in the U.S.

Alex Corbishley
5-Mar-2000, 01:02
I used the largest Giottos ball head with my 35mm stuff for a while. It holds well until you try to lean a heavy 70-200 2.8 lens over on its side. For a light field camera I think it would work well.

I have the Toyo AII and use the Bogen small geared head, number 410 I think. This head is about $140 US and works very well. Fine adjustments are easy to make and it is easy to level the head with the built in level.

The Bogen head is also a LOT heavier than the Giottos heads though...

Bob Salomon
5-Mar-2000, 15:06
The largest Giottos ball head has 2 balls. That is the MH 2000. The next largest in size and capacity is the MH 1000 which has one ball.

Did you use the MH 2000?

30-Jan-2002, 11:02
I got second-hand Giottos MH-3000 from guy in UK (cheers, Alex) and now understand, why he was selling ;-) Due to the RUBBER padding of camera base plate, although large in diameter, its virtually impossible to fix my 4/300mm lens - the foot of the collar 1/4 mount digs into that rubber. Once I saw a suggestion that this ballheads shall be used with company quick-release plates, so perhaps I will look for one, or will try to fix anything from Manfrotto range. Another solution is to ex-change this rubber pads with metal ones, and I am to talk to the technician I know. Jacek

Bob Salomon
30-Jan-2002, 11:45
As an update there no longer a 5 Giottos ball heads. There are now 7 in the line.

Pan heads will be inroduced at PMA.

23-Oct-2004, 14:06
Hello: I have a MH 1000 which is very hansome and full featured. I've used it for long lenses on a Nikon F and with an Arca 6x9 F line. It became difficult to adjust and prone to sudden failure at any position off the level after about four months of use.

I currently use a Manfrotto 056 without any problems. Inelegant perhaps.

Frank Johnston

Frank Petronio
23-Oct-2004, 18:35
So you wanna put your expensive Ebony on top of a cheap ballhead, instead of the prescribed Arca-Swiss? For shame, the style police will get ya! (Also, you get what you pay for...)