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John Kasaian
20-Apr-2006, 22:39
I've been slowly working my way through a box of 8x10 Fomapan 100 which I planned on souping in D-76 in my Unicolor. The new Freestyle catalog showed up and low and behold Foma is making Ro9 "Fomidon"

I used to like Rodinal on slow speed roll films (25-50 ISO), so I'm wondering how it would do on Fomapan sheet film and also, if anyone has tried it in a unicolor drum---as I recall with roll film I didn't do a lot of agitation as per Agfa's instructions.

I'm guessing since both products are Foma they're made for each other, so:
Has anyone used this combination (fomapan, fomadon & drum processor?) Were you happy with it ? Or not?

Aaron van de Sande
21-Apr-2006, 12:51
The general consensus is that rodinal does not do very well with constant agitation, I don't think the drum processor is a good idea.

Donald Qualls
21-Apr-2006, 14:08
I really like Fomapan 100 (and the rebranded version, Arista.EDU Ultra 100) in Parodinal (which is a homemade Rodinal substitute), but I use it with reduced agitation; haven't ever tried it with continuous agitation. I have a hunch you'd have to cut your time so much to control contrast that you'd lose a lot of speed (because the shadows don't get as much development).

John Kasaian
21-Apr-2006, 14:23
Thank you Aaron & Donald, I was concerned that constant agitation would be a bad idea, so I'll leave the R09 for roll film or tray development!

Peter Galea
21-Apr-2006, 20:49
I use Rodinal in the Unicolor drum for 8x10 and 4x5. I cut developing times by 15% (for continuous agitation) from the Massive Developing Chart. I like it.

Sanders McNew
22-Apr-2006, 15:11
"The general consensus is that rodinal does not do very well with constant agitation"

This is news to me. I've processed thousands of 4x5 and 5x7 TXP sheets in 1:25 and 1:50 Rodinal solutions in Jobo 2500 and 3000 series tanks and have never had a problem. The results are indistinguishable from what I get using Rodinal with TXP souped conventionally with periodic agitation. I follow Jobo's advice -- I presoak the film for five minutes before processing, and stay with the recommended developing times for periodic agitation. Works every time.

Why does "the general consensus" believe that Rodinal does not work well in rotary processors?

Sanders McNew (www.mcnew.net)

Aaron van de Sande
22-Apr-2006, 16:51
Complaints on apug.org

Sanders McNew
22-Apr-2006, 17:15
"Complaints on apug.org"

Oh well that explains it. Perpetuators of old wives' tales, thriving on superstition as always.

Sanders McNew (www.mcnew.net)

Tom Hoskinson
22-Apr-2006, 19:06
"Complaints on apug.org"

Oh well that explains it. Perpetuators of old wives' tales, thriving on superstition as always.

Sanders McNew (www.mcnew.net)

Well, I always say "There's nothing like data when it comes to refuting old guy's tales."

I took a look on your web site, Sanders and you do have data...

Not as much data as I'd like, but fairly convincing nonetheless...

Ole Tjugen
23-Apr-2006, 05:52
"Complaints on apug.org"

That's new to me, but I admit I can't be bothered to read all the Rodinal discussions. After all I just use the stuff, I don't worship it...

I use it in rotary processing - JOBO print drum, developing 5x7" and larger film (up to 30x40cm) all the time. Oh well - print drums aren't supposed to work for that either, consensus is that you need an expert drum.

It works for me, though...

John Kasaian
24-Apr-2006, 17:18
OK, I guess I'll just have to order some RO9 and check it out myself. I'll start with PeterG's recommendations and see what happens:-)


Ted Harris
24-Apr-2006, 17:41
What Ole said and I use Rodinal in a JOBO ATL 2300 as well. Have done so through three different JOBO processors and for many years.

BTW you will find an equal numbr of APUG threads dealing with time and temperature of Rodinal in Rotary processors from many satisfied users.

tim atherton
24-Apr-2006, 18:25
I was just going to say exactly the same Ted - there are at least as many posts on apug (and elsewhere) about times and dilutions for rotary processing with rodinal as there claiming the sky will fall if you use it.

FWIW rodinal has never been may favourite developer, but I've used it just fine in unicolor and jobo drums