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tim atherton
20-Apr-2006, 20:33
anyone know if you can get jobo parts in canada? (it used to be lisle-kelco before they went under) - or where from these days?

replacement rollers and such


Roger Hein
21-Apr-2006, 05:21
AFAIK there is no longer a distributor in Canada for JOBO darkroom equipment. I believe those who carry JOBO's 'digital wallet' are supplied by JOBO USA.

Joseph O'Neil
21-Apr-2006, 05:30
If you find out, please let me know too. I tried ordering some parts for one of my Jobo drums, but no local camera shop can bring Jobo parts in - as you said, no distributor. For the past few months I've had to resort to buying parts (when available) second had at camera shows or off Ebay.

good luck


steve simmons
21-Apr-2006, 07:08
I don't know if this will help but the JOBO distributor in the US is Omega/Satter. Their phone is 410-374-3250.

steve simmons

21-Apr-2006, 08:36
You'd think anybody that deals with Omega could order the stuff but the ones I've asked don't seem willing. Alot easier to use B&H. If it's a small item then add it to a bigger order.

Maybe Omega will sell direct? But if they do odds are it'll be higher then B&H's price to avoid undercutting a dealer.

tim atherton
21-Apr-2006, 08:52
yeah - I've tried emailing jobo germany and jobo USA but no response - have to try the old string and a tin can next I guess

unfortunately B&H doesn't sell the actual parts I need

21-Apr-2006, 10:25
Do you mean the new Jobo USA? Or the older one? The older one doesn't exist anymore. You need to contact Omega.


That's who you want.