View Full Version : 1960's vintage data on B&L Protars

Kevin Crisp
19-Apr-2006, 20:18
For those of you interested in Protar lenses, the cameraeccentric website has added some additional in-house information I ran across including charts of the official focal length combinations in mm's, back focus distances, and tables which include the later focal lengths. (19 inches instead of 18 7/8ths, for example.) If you are using the traditional 1920's catalogue information you might find this easier to read and requiring less interpretation. The information was provided by B&L in February, 1960, to a photographer who asked questions about what was apparently his D-set. It is now my D set. I assume the actual catalogue pages they copied (some pages marked "restricted") were older as the production of Protars had been discontinued by that time. It is certainly the latest information I have seen on these. Full descriptions of the C, D and F sets are included.