View Full Version : Step-Down Ring on 90mm f/5.6 Super Angulon

Jeremy Moore
18-Apr-2006, 10:07
I know, I'm a cheapskate, but I am wondering what loss I'll have by putting a 82-77mm step-down ring on my 90mm f/5.6 Super Angulon for when I need to use a filter. All of my other lenses have been standardized to 77mm filter rings so I have a set of filters in this size only. This would only be for use when I need a filter and will be using a 82mm hood on the lens when a filter isn't needed.

Is it possible to put a step-up ring on the back filter ring from whatever it is (I don't know) to 77mm and put my filters back there instead of on the front and just use the hood on the front?

Caroline Matthews
18-Apr-2006, 10:18
I think your idea of putting the filter on the back ring is a good one. You may lose some of your covering power with the stepped-down front filter.

Bob Salomon
18-Apr-2006, 10:41
Putting them on the back would have a greater effect on lens performance as well as creating a focus shift.

What is more important? The cost of some larger filters or the quality of the final image? Stepping down would probably create vignetting.

Ralph Barker
18-Apr-2006, 11:04
As an alternative, you might consider gel filters for the 82mm and larger sizes. 100mm (4x4") gels are far less expensive than large glass filters.

Jack Flesher
18-Apr-2006, 11:08
If you are using it on a 4x5, IMO the 90 SA has more than ample coverage for most applications that the filter will not likely vignette anyway. Worst case, it is a $10 experiment for the ring if you already own 77mm filters. I did this same thing with my 90 f4.5 Nikkor -- 82mm also -- before I ultimately replaced it with the f8 version and never even came close to coverage limitations.

IMO only,

Brian Ellis
18-Apr-2006, 11:13
I think your main concern would be the possibility of vignetting, especially if a polarizer is one of the filters you plan to use on the lens. But rings only cost about $5 last time I looked, why not buy one and give it a try? Even cheapskates have been known to spring for $5 every now and then. : - )

Jeremy Moore
18-Apr-2006, 12:36
I'm already planning on getting a 82-77mm step-down ring to try this out with as I will mostly be using the lens on 4x5 and 3x4. When I use it on 5x7 I'll just have to deal with not having any filters... or maybe I'll spring for an 82mm Dark Yellow filter (my most used filter).

Jeremy Moore
20-Apr-2006, 10:09
Ended up ordering an 82-77mm step-down ring when I ordered the 46-77mm step-up ring for another lens. They should both be here in about a week so we'll see how it works out.