View Full Version : Minor guidelines changes

Ralph Barker
16-Apr-2006, 15:44
We have made a minor change to the FAQ/Guidelines page (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/help.html), allowing non-repetitive announcements of LF-specific conferences and trade shows in the Announcements section by regular participants. This will transition smoothly with the structure of the new forum, which is close to testing phase. For those who aren't interested in seeing such announcements, the new software will allow you to put such things, or individual posters, on your "ignore list".

Jerry Fusselman
17-Apr-2006, 22:14
Is there really anyone aching to block postings about LF-specific trade shows and conferences?

Amateurish politics---that's what I would like to block. Too bad it is not so easy.

Andre Noble
18-Apr-2006, 23:42
Agreed, there's one or two whom it seems contibute (way too) regularly on this site just to ferment trouble. Gaining knowledge of photography is of secondary importance to them - since they know everything already. I'd rather 'ignore' them manually - it's more satisfying that way.