View Full Version : Polaroid Dye Transfer - 8x10??

Kevin Mentzer
27-Apr-1998, 14:32
Is it possible to do polaroid dye transfers in an 8x10 format? Do I have to use the film processor or are there backs available? Thanks for any info. Kevin

Sergio Ortega
27-Apr-1998, 17:38
Kevin, For detailed information on Image Transfer, the contact transfer of the image dyes to another surface, and Emulsion Transfer, the lifting and transfer o f the entire print emulsion layer itself to another surface, using polaroid mate rials see:


Good luck, Sergio.

Stuart Goldstein
28-Apr-1998, 11:17
There's information on dye transfers and emulsion transfers on the polaroid home page (http://www.polaroid.com/crtv-use/test/index.html) and on Kathleen Thormon Carr's homepage (http://www.mcn.org/a/kcarr/). My understanding is that 8x10 tr ansfers are done the same way that 4x5 (and smaller) transfers are done IF you'r e using a color polaroid taken with the 8x10 camera. If you're using a 35mm slid e and then want to blow it up to 8x10 there's a different procedure.

FYI KT Carr's book on emulsion transfer is great (and quite complete).

Also check with Polaroid directly for more information (they have an 800 number) . Ask for somebody in the emulsion/dye transfer area.