View Full Version : New Canon wide format printer

Antonio Corcuera
11-Apr-2006, 05:40
FYI, Canon Europe has introduced a new ultra wide format printer last week, the IPF9000. 60" wide!
Press release here (http://www.ephotozine.com/news/fullnews.cfm?NewsID=2861)

Bruce Watson
27-May-2006, 08:58
I think that I've read that Wilhelm rates these new Lucia inks about the same as Ultrachromes. So you get about the same longevity with greater gamut, all printed at 3x the speed of an Epson.

The only problem I have is its projected price of $15k USD. I'm an individual artist, not a print-for-pay service bureau, so it's not even feasible for me. Sigh...

And when are then going to announce the rest of the lineup - 24" and 48" machines? I sure hope they don't go with that ridiculous 44" size (from the ancient "E" size plotter paper) just because Epson and HP built their printers on plotter chassis.