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7-Apr-2006, 01:02
Hi All

Would it be possible to have a facility on the forum, (or elsewhere) where each user could post a single LF image (low res & watermarked/overwritten for copyright reasons) so we could all see the kind of work each other is into?

I think it would be interesting, and give an insight into the type of pictures the posters here are making.

I have little idea of web technology, and realise this forum is probably best as a text only, but also curious about what others work is like.

I like the challenge of representing a lifetimes work in a single image as well..

Could it be done?

Eduardo Aigner
7-Apr-2006, 06:16
That's a good idea.

7-Apr-2006, 07:36
Do you really think a single image is representative for your work?


jon fritsch
7-Apr-2006, 08:07
My understanding is that the LF forum is migrating to a "different" type of system. I may be wrong on that but I thought I read it somewhere here.

Maybe after that happens, we could have a forum where people could "introduce"themselves and post their website links and promo related stuff.

Just a thought.

Jack Flesher
7-Apr-2006, 08:19
I have such a space set up, and would be happy to allow folks here to use it. It is a designed so folks can set up personal blog space. It is designed specifically around photography so it allows users to upload and embed images in their own personal blog. It is custom-built software, so is still in Beta, but seems to be working fine.

You can check out www.omniblog.com (http://www.omniblog.com) to see the main site, then do a search for blogs. Currently, Jim Collum and I have some images up to look at. You can link directly to a personal blog by using the string, "www.screen-name.omniblog.com" so my personal blog is: www.jack.omniblog.com (http://www.jack.omniblog.com) and Jim's is: www.collum.omniblog.com (http://www.collum.omniblog.com).

Notes: Allow a few moments for the pages to load the first time you visit as both Jim and I have uploaded some fairly larger images and click on thumbs for a larger image ;)

I will be out of town and away from a computer for a week (back on the 17th) but will be happy to set folks up then if there is any interest.


7-Apr-2006, 09:25
"Do you really think a single image is representative for your work?"

it's simple: just bring all your work into photoshop, and blend it into a single image. people lacking clarity of vision might say things like "it just looks like a gray card!" ... but you can't please everyone. i do my work for people who look deeper ;-)

"My understanding is that the LF forum is migrating to a "different" type of system. "

that's what our gurus have told us. so this is probably a good time to offer suggestions like this.

Ralph Barker
7-Apr-2006, 09:40
Yes, we will be migrating to new forum software in the near future. We're working on all of the conversion issues presently, such that the archives will be maintained. The new software will allow image uploads (with size limitations), and the forum structure will have an "Introductions" section.

Stephen Willard
7-Apr-2006, 09:51
I think this would be a great idea. A name is fine, but a photograph from the contributor or person asking the question would add another dimension to the exchange. A photograph would also help to facilitate an illustration where needed for clarification. For example, photographs of camera movements, examples of DOF problems, what lens fungus looks like, how to attach a tape measure to your enlarger, and the list can go one forever. I vote definitely YES!

Chris S
7-Apr-2006, 10:20
Isn't it possible to share images right now?Or am I the only one seeing my photo :)


Brian Vuillemenot
7-Apr-2006, 11:01
On the main LFphoto.info page there is a database of LF photographers, where many of them have put a representative image or two and a link to their website. For the forum upgrade it might be nice to automatically put a small image that each contributer uploads and feels is representative of their work next to the posting. I've seen setups like this on other forums.

7-Apr-2006, 12:06
FWIW, I also think it'll be a nice facility to have on this forum. To illustrate a problem rather than simply describe it will make all the difference in the world when an answer/advice/suggestion is being offered.


No, you're the only one seeing the picture you posted... that sign looks surrealistic! :)

[Nice image. :)]


Richard Schlesinger
7-Apr-2006, 12:08
How about electing officers and having critiques of photographs with award points?

Ralph Barker
7-Apr-2006, 12:25
Chris - yes, those with their own sites or other online image depositories that allow direct image links can share images now via HTML tags, as you did. Although the new software won't allow HTML (it uses other tags), it will also allow images to be uploaded to our server and included in messages, as well. So, those who don't already have an online image depository can share images or problem illustrations, too.

Eventually, we might expand that to some sort of gallery, but historically most of the participants here have been reluctant to post reduced-size (Web-appropriate) images due to the loss in quality. We'll need to play all of this "by ear" based on participant input, bandwidth usage, and all that sort of thing.

Grump - surely you jest ;-)

Terence Spross
7-Apr-2006, 13:23
I hope the new system will allow click on links to a high res image or a link to a video file to demonstate what we are trying to show when the file sizes are too large for your server. I agree in limiting the file on the thread loading page since some unfortuate people still can only get dial-up access. ( An acquantance of mine retruned last year from a third world country - don't remember where - and he visited a family living in a hut, bound sticks for walls, on a concrete slab, power lines strung along trees... and they had high speed internet on their computer sitting on a tree stump table. They had higher speed access than he did at his home in rural upstate NY where only dial-up was available!)

Frank Petronio
7-Apr-2006, 13:57
No offense, but why don't you guys simply blow a FEW $ on a webpage or even some simple hosting service like PBase? I mean geez, this site is advertising and hassle free, it loads fast, and I rather like it not forcing other people's snapshots -- err... art -- down my throat.

Next thing you know we'll be having photo contests and unwarranted critiques... yuk!

I much rather see links than photos on the threads myself. I do check out people's sites, and that tells me far more about them than an odd photo or two.

Plus, a lot of the participants whom I really enjoy reading from are lousy photographers (remember Jay on the PN Leica Forum?). I rather retain my good impressions based on their witty comments and banter than to be subjexted to their lame photos which immediately destroy their credibility.

Leave us some mystery, please... the self portraits from a few months ago were enough! I still get nightmares...

Rory Roopnarine
7-Apr-2006, 14:31
I understand your point, Frank, but when you live out in the boondocks like me with the nearest LF photographer on the other side of the Atlantic, well, explanatory pictures could be a great help! Like, for instance: look, my new Kodak Readyload holder is crap! All you'll have to do is look at my photo. and enlighten me as to what went wrong. Ya know? As for self-portraits, are we LFers all THAT ugly? Oh. Okay.


Witold Grabiec
7-Apr-2006, 14:51
I agree with Frank. I think we're running a chance of blowing this forum out of control. As Frank mentioned, there is no excuse these days (financial or otherwise) to not have your own web space if needed. Simplicity of this forum is one of its best features.

7-Apr-2006, 14:59
"I think we're running a chance of blowing this forum out of control."

wasn't the original suggestion for a simple intro, with one picture per person?

Witold Grabiec
7-Apr-2006, 17:15

Ralph seemed to indicate that the "new" system will allow uploads to straight to the server. Did not seem to suggest that there would be single pic limit. I was also more specifically backing Frank's post. I'd rather have the forum load instantly and leave the images residing elsewhere. Further, I personally find those little pics next to poster's name quite annoying, althugh that may not be in the books (or so I hope).

David A. Goldfarb
7-Apr-2006, 17:16
I'm also a fan of the simple text-oriented interface. Many websites and sample images of participants on this forums are listed here--


and here--


8-Apr-2006, 15:42
Thanks All

Constructive and informed as usual

As Stephen said,

"A name is fine, but a photograph from the contributor or person asking the question would add another dimension to the exchange"

I just thought it would be nice to see where the question/answer/comment was coming from in terms of it's authors own work. As far as a single image being representative of an entire body of work, well it depends how wide the photographers field of interest is, and personal style, if any.