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6-Apr-2006, 05:11
why is fuji introducing yet another new colour neg film?

www.bjp-online.com/public/showPage.html?page=323658 (http://www.bjp-online.com/public/showPage.html?page=323658)

Glenn Kroeger
6-Apr-2006, 06:06
It is a new color transparency film.

6-Apr-2006, 07:01
Great new possibilities open for our photography. Astronomy will see great use of this film too, among other fields. Good news!

Emre Yildirim
6-Apr-2006, 07:15
Isn't this kinda old news?

There is no word on a 4x5 version yet, so it's pretty useless to me.

Jack Flesher
6-Apr-2006, 11:05
Why would one even want Provia 400 in LF sizes?

Glenn Kroeger
6-Apr-2006, 11:15

I would love a 400 speed 4x5 film... for windy days!

Emre Yildirim
6-Apr-2006, 12:25
Why would one even want Provia 400 in LF sizes?

When shooting star trails with landscape. It's nice being able to stop down to get better DOF, without all the stars going dark because of reciprocity failure. Provia 400 would be good for any kind of low-light situation though. The longer film has to be exposed, the greated the chance of vibrations or color shifts.

6-Apr-2006, 12:30
"Why would one even want Provia 400 in LF sizes?" In architecture photography, very dark space (churches with available light) for. ex.

6-Apr-2006, 12:32
Also P&S 4x5 photography (remember Fotoman?)

Bee Flowers
6-Apr-2006, 14:07
>> why is fuji introducing yet another new colour neg film?

I guess they just get a kick out of it. Or a PR stunt.

Ed K.
6-Apr-2006, 16:45
Why complain? Given that Kodak EPP 100 has an RMS granularity of 11, and well, this new 400 film allegedly has the same granularity of RMS 11, it sounds pretty good. True, EPP shows quite a bit of grain, however if the Fuji performs as well grain-wise, yet offers better color and 400 speed, that would be great. Add to that the Fuji claim of favorable reciprocity characteristics, ( as other Fuji reversal films generally have ) - it could really come in handy.

Only trouble is that if it did come in 4x5 or 8x10, I wouldn't want to stock up with 20 boxes of it right now, however a couple of Quickload boxes would be nice.

Glenn Kroeger
6-Apr-2006, 19:32
It is pretty clear from the data sheet on Fujifilm.com that this film is going to be 35mm and 120 only.

Ed K.
6-Apr-2006, 19:36
True enough, Glenn, however hope springs eternal:)

Lenny L. Lindstrom
7-Apr-2006, 13:11
Dear Jack Flesher,

I would want Provia 400 in LF sizes.

Lenny L. Lindstrom

Jack Flesher
7-Apr-2006, 17:13
Dear Lenny,

Okay, I will forward your request to the product development department. Feel free to contact them directly if this product does not arrive soon enough to satisfy your expectations. They can be reached at 1-800-269-7359.


Jack Flesher

Emre Yildirim
7-Apr-2006, 18:48
I think Lenny mistakingly read "why" as "who" :)

Lenny L. Lindstrom
7-Apr-2006, 21:12
Dear Mr. Flesher,

Thank you for forwarding my request to the product development department. I telephones them at 1-800-269-7359 with you as a reference.


Lenny L. Lindstrom

David Crossley
8-Apr-2006, 10:04
<why is fuji introducing yet another new colour neg film? >

Because maybe Fuji's committed to film ;->

That reminds me, time to pick up more Acros

David Crossley/Crossley Photography....

Rod Stewart
17-Apr-2006, 12:41
Hey Lenny, did fuji get back to you or Jack yet?