View Full Version : JandC Pro 100 8x10 film

Jim Grimes
5-Apr-2006, 12:18
I just got an order in of this film. I heard a lot of good things about it. Tried some borrowed stuff in my 4x5, developed in HC-110 Dil. B and it looked good.

Who has tried it and what do you think?


Jeremy Moore
5-Apr-2006, 13:30
I'm a fan of this stuff in Pyrocat HD for pd/pt processing. It doesn't build density too well (for N+ situations), but here in Texas I rarely find a need to up the contrast. I shoot it in 8x10 and once J&C gets it in stock in 5x7 I'll be buying some in that size, too!

Jay DeFehr
5-Apr-2006, 13:59
Hi James.

I've used quite a bit of it in 4x5 and 120 formats. It's an old emulsion formula coated on antique machinery, so it has occasional emulsion defects, and is sensitive to process temperature and handling, but is capable of excellent results. Unlike Jeremy, I've found it to build contrast readily, with excellent expansion potential. The poor emulsion hardening and occasional defects have disuaded me from regular use, preferring instead more modern films from major manufacturers. I recommend that you maintain processing temps no higher than 68F, and use an acid hardening fixer with this film, for best/most consistent results. Good luck.


Donald Qualls
5-Apr-2006, 16:56
The other thing to avoid with Pro 100 is acid stop bath -- use a water stop bath, rather than either an acid stop or change directly to an acid fixer; otherwise, the rapid change in gelatin pH can lead to pinholes and reticulation which would not be seen with a harder emulsion.

I like Pro 100 -- it's very good film, and I've had no handling problems with it other than pinholes in my very first roll of 120, seemingly caused by using acid stop bath -- but I've recently standardized on Foma for my ISO 100 (either under its own name, or as Arista .EDU Ultra), because I can get it in 35 mm as well as 120 (which I also recut for 828, 127, and 16 mm), 9x12 cm, and 4x5, same emulsion across the line. Pro 100 is not available in either metric sheet sizes or 35 mm.