View Full Version : Fuji 210W image circle??

Rob Rielly
9-Apr-1998, 23:06
Does anyone know the image circle for the Fuji 210 W 5.6 lens? Does anyone hav e any experience with the lens that they cana relate? Thanks in advance, Rob

10-Apr-1998, 09:26
The ftops here has a chart on Fuji lenses at thier site, http://www.thefstop.com . They list the 210W at a 300mm image circle.

Bruce M. Herman
12-Apr-1998, 16:57

I have a Fuji 210 W f5.6 lens. I use mine for landscape photography, and am rea sonably happy with it. The lens is quite sharp from infinity to about 1/2 lifes ize. It is prone to flare when the sun is within the composition. I also get some flare when the sun is stiking the front of the lens, but not within the com position. If you keep the lens shaded, I think that you'll be quite happy with it.


Zack Kingslake
6-Oct-1999, 21:54
There's a tool online that will get you that information. The tool allows you to search by focal length or image circle and will return all the large format lenses that match. You then get a side-by-side comparison of specs (image circle, angle, weight, shutter size etc.) for all the lenses. There's also links to news items and reviews for that lens.

The tool's called "Spec My Dream Lens" and is at http://www.camerareview.com/templates/spec_form.cfm?Category=10

James Chow
7-Oct-1999, 04:57
The Fujifilm website at http://www.fujifilm.co.jp/pindex/index.html lists the image circle at 309mm. All the LF emulsions are also listed on the film page (velvia,provia,astia are made in 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, several different Neopan emulsions, NS/NC/NL 160 color neg emulsions). BTW, to view this page, your computer probably needs Japanese fonts to display the katakana.

Patrick Raymore
13-Oct-1999, 16:13
Coverage for the Fuji 210 differs depending on the model (WS, NWS,or CMW series). The most commonly found model on the used market is the NWS. It has a coverage of 300mm at F22, 71 degrees, comes in a Copal #1 shutter, wears 67mm filters, is 465 grams, and is EBC multi coated. The previous model, WS, had more coverage (80 degrees). The most recent model (CMW) has a coverage of 309mm at f22, or 72 degrees.