View Full Version : Prontor Press repair?

Bob Bauer
2-Apr-2006, 15:08
I've got an older Protor-Press shutter with a rotary shutter dial at the 12-o'clock position that needs to have at least two of the shutter leaves replaced after getting whacked while I was removing the retaining ring (it would appear that our family has a dominant klutz gene).
It looks like the leaves were nicked just enough to keep the shutter from closing.

The shutter itself is (was) working fine until this happened, and I'm hoping that someone can recommend a shop that can take care of this; I'm thinking I can replace it with an MP4 shutter if necessary, but this is part of an Aristophot macro system and the front standard has custom cutouts for this particular shutter, plus I'd also need to have new lens mounts machined.

Ted Harris
2-Apr-2006, 15:12
SK Grimes. Flutto's or PaulEbel all do fine work. Grimes is on the East Coast, Flutto's on The West and Ebel in the Midwest. I generally use Grimes (www.skgrimes.com) and have used Ebel with satisfaction. Many also swear by Carol at Fluttos.

Colin Graham
2-Apr-2006, 18:05
www.flutotscamerarepair.com (http://www.flutotscamerarepair.com)
A bit cheaper than Grimes I think.