View Full Version : New Jobo-X (Mobile) Announced

Mike H.
1-Apr-2006, 12:51
For all you guys who always wanted to develop negatives on the run - the mobile Jobo, called "Jobo-X". See image at:


Don Wallace
3-Apr-2006, 07:37
I have been using one of these for a while and I have a quick question. I shoot HP5 and have been using the recommended agitation method and time (driving on bumpy road in a pickup truck for 7 minutes). I am not getting the highlights I want. Should I increase the driving time or try to find a road with more potholes?

Oren Grad
3-Apr-2006, 07:49
Try driving 10 seconds of rough road followed by 50 seconds of smooth road for each minute of development.

You might also need to put a tiger in your tank.

Mike H.
3-Apr-2006, 10:30
If you're used to the normal (bumpy/7mins) and don't want to change, how about increasing the ratio of developer? Instead of 1:9, try 1:7 or 1:5. May help. Not sure. I've never used the mobile model.

Paul Metcalf
3-Apr-2006, 12:15
Definitely increase speed...