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31-Mar-2006, 22:13
I have narrowed my choices to 36cm Heliar. For those users there, is there much difference between a Heliar and a Universal Heliar? I am asking this question because I can get a uncoated 36cm Heliar in barrel for about $300 and the only 36cm Universal Heliar I can find is asking for 1k more. Next question: Is it possible to put a 36cm Heliar into a conpound 5 shutter? Or better to use a Packard shutter. Thanks.

Armin Seeholzer
1-Apr-2006, 03:15
Hi Hugo

The Universal Heliar which I own has a setting ring on the fromt from 0-5 wich gives you an SF lens at every f stop. This is missing on the normal Heliar.
I do use mine in front of a Sinar behind the lens shutter so have no idea if it fits in a 5 shutter but SKGrimes mister Adam can for sure answer this question.
Have a good day, Armin

Paul Fitzgerald
1-Apr-2006, 09:18

The Universal Heliar is the original Heliar formula - + - | + - , most Heliars are the Dynar formula + - - | - + so there is a different look to it. The Universal is a zoom lens, it changes focal length with the soft-focus selector so most of the soft focus is from de-focusing which you can do with the focus knob. The antique Heliars, marked in inches, have still another look, well worth checking out.

Have fun with it

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
1-Apr-2006, 10:00
I had a 300 Universal Heliar, and I never noticed any change of FL when moving the dial. In any case, the dial moves the middle element group back and fourth, basically adding (or subtracting) spherical aberration. Again, it is not possible to put a 36cm Heliar into a no. 5 shutter at full aperture. If you can sacrifice a stop or so you can probably cram the lens into a shutter.

Paul Fitzgerald
1-Apr-2006, 14:47
JG Motamedi,

look at the scan posted on the first thread:

30cm > 25cm

36 cm > 30cm

42cm > 35cm

it's all just a trick of the light.

By defocusing it only uses rear depth of field to carry the image. Kodak's 'Portrait Ektar' only had rear d.o.f., I think the 'Port-Land' lenses did the same, could be wrong.

Have fun with it.