View Full Version : Acme Ilex #5 shutter and a question

31-Mar-2006, 21:56
Is it possible to get a lens that was mounted in this shutter mounted in another shutter or do they still make Ilex shutters? The one the lens was mounted in is way beyond repair. I was going to use it as a barrel lens but have decided i want a shutter. The lens is a 12 inch dagor.

I have tried to get shutters off Ebay when I find them but they end up getting sniped.

Alan Davenport
1-Apr-2006, 03:34
SK Grimes lists a number of barrel dagors that they can mount in smaller shutters than that, so contacting them might be your best bet.

Michael Gudzinowicz
1-Apr-2006, 05:22
Check the following page and the cells' dimensions. One photo shows a factory mounted 12" Goerz Dagor in an Ilex #4 (not #5).


1-Apr-2006, 10:15
Mike, it is in a trashed number 5.

I looked but, SKgrimes does not say they sell the Ilex shutters. I've E-mailed them for information.

William Mortensen
1-Apr-2006, 10:47
Odd... mine is in an Ilex #4, and every other 12" Dagor I've seen in an Ilex shutter has been in a #4. Wonder if yours was a custom mounted barrel lens...

Paul Coppin
1-Apr-2006, 11:13
SK Grimes can service #5s (at least they could a couple of years ago, just before Steve passed away). I had a #5 universal synchro done a couple of years ago that came to me "perfect" off an ebay deal. The seller paid for the recon which was $80US.

Jim Galli
1-Apr-2006, 11:20
The usual approach is to buy a 375mm Ilex or Caltar to get the shutter. Depending on how bad your shutter actually is, Carol Miller of Flutot's Camera Repair is a miracle worker and her prices are probably too good to last.

1-Apr-2006, 11:42
I had the shutter looked at by a repair shop when I got it and they said "buy another shutter this is way beyond repair". Apparently the previous owner had dropped it, cracked the casing, opened it up lost a load of pieces and epoxied up the holes so no light would get in. I knew the shutter did not work when I bought so I was not surprised at their assessment. They checked the lens elements and they are in perfect condition, so the shutter was damaged when the lens was not in it I guess.

SInce I am at work, I don't have the lens in front of me but I will post all of the info and maybe you folks can tell me whats up.

John Kasaian
2-Apr-2006, 08:30

A #5 is way too big for a 12" Dagor----unless your lens was originally in an Ilex "General" and the previous owner swapped shutters.

I could be mistaken, but the threads for a #4 General are larger than other Ilex #4s, so perhaps in order to accept an adapter they had to move up to a #5(?) Thread sizes for Ilexs are on Grimes' website btw. Which is good new since you'd stil have athe adapters on your lens you'd be able to screw it into another #5----I hope.

#5 Universals show up on eBay, also some dealers like Photo Graphic Systems in New Mexico or Mid West Photo might have one in stock. You could also try Carol Miller---she might have access to one. FWIW She did a great job or fixing my 12" Dagor and I'd highly recommend sending your shutter to her for an evaluation.

2-Apr-2006, 15:34
I have never been so happy to be sniped in an auction. You guys are completely correct it is a #4 and I need to learn how to read my numbers.

Thanks for your help I will be looking for a number 4 now. I will ask SKGrimes if they have any in stock or look at those other places you mentioned. Thanks.

3-Apr-2006, 06:06
I will second that recommendation of John Kasaian's to try Carol Miller in the LA area. She did a bang up job on my Universial Ilex #5. She was fast and not expensive. Very good service.