View Full Version : HP5 in HC-110

Bruce Schultz
10-Jan-2000, 13:24
Anyone out there have starting times for developing HP5 in HC-110 at 1:31 diluti on?

N Dhananjay
10-Jan-2000, 19:16
Try here (http://www.digitaltruth.com.html). DJ

Doug Paramore
10-Jan-2000, 20:51
Bruce: I have used HP-5 and HC-110 with good results. For my negs, I use 6 1/2 minutes at 68 degrees as a start with a cold light enlarger. You can adjust your time for your working methods and enlarger light source. That film-developer is a good combination which yields some brilliant, sharp-edged images. HC-110 is my favorite developer. It will last for several months as a dilution A mix in full, tightly stoppered bottles. Although it is often called a liquid version of D-76, I find it is an all around better developer with improved sharpness and brilliance. Hope this helps. Doug

Jacque Staskon
11-Jan-2000, 22:02
These are the times I have in my darkroom. HC-110 dilution b at 68 degrees. 35mm film 5 1/2 min. 120 film 6 min. 4x5 film 6 1/2 min. Agitation for 35mm and 120 is 4 inversions at the top of every minute not lasting more than or quicker than 10 seconds. Hope this helps. j