View Full Version : 90mm Tessars for 4x5?

John Brownlow
30-Mar-2006, 11:46
Following up on Eric's extraordinarily astute observation in this thread (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/505492.html) that 'half of the "magic" lenses you own are actually Tessar designs" are there any Tessar or Tessar-like options for 90mm lenses which will cover 4x5? Sorry if this is an ignorant question but I don't know that much about lens designs (but I know what I like!).

30-Mar-2006, 13:12

A 90mm Tessar would cover 6x7cm, 100mm 6x9. There were wide Tessar lens but they were apparently not competive designs. I like the plastic 3d look of the Tessar. Perhaps a wide field ektar or dagor would do something like what you want? Others may have suggestions.


Mike Kovacs
30-Mar-2006, 14:07
Maybe a W.A. Optar 90/6.8? I tried one I picked up for $50 for a short while until I purchased the Super Angluon 90/8 MC. Tiny, but probably best on a press camera where movements are not really an issue. I guess the design is similar to the vanilla Angulon 90/6.8? Both are first class lenses for sure.

John Brownlow
30-Mar-2006, 14:33
I have got a 90/6.8 Angulon which I bought for another project... I should definitely try it and compare with the Nikkor.

Michael S. Briggs
1-Apr-2006, 14:02
The tessar design has been very sucessful and very many have been made, but it is not an extra-wide coverage design. Typically lens manufacturers have claimed coverage of roughly 60 degrees. To cover 4x5 with a 90 mm lens, you need 80 degrees.

I did some tests of the 105 mm Nikkor-M (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/494534.html). It doesn't come close to covering 4x5.

Since Nikon has ceased production of LF lenses, does that leave the 150 and 210 mm Xenars (http://www.schneideroptics.com/photography/large_format_lenses/xenar/)
as the last LF tessars in production?

Oren Grad
1-Apr-2006, 14:07
does that leave the 150 and 210 mm Xenars as the last LF tessars in production?

I'm not sure they are, either. Although Schneider Optics in the US hasn't booted them into the "vintage lens" section of their website yet, the Schneider Kreuznach site lists them under "Oldies", which are said to be "crossed off the delivery program".

1-Apr-2006, 14:17
Does Fuji still make lenses? I though the slower 150mm was a tessar. the F/6.3?

Oren Grad
1-Apr-2006, 14:30
As best I can tell from my Japanese references, there is no Fuji tessar in current production. But the Commercial Congo lenses are specified as 4 elements/3 groups and have fairly narrow coverage - perhaps those are tessars.