View Full Version : Lens Question For the Masters....

28-Mar-2006, 08:27
Anybody know anything about this lens? I am looking for a good soft-focus type lens, and I can't find any info about the Dallmeyer Meniscus Lens...



Ernest Purdum
28-Mar-2006, 11:06
I wish I could consider myself a "master", but I'll contribute what I can.

This lens does not appear to be an achromatic. The chromatic aberration would make it difficult to use even in black and white because of focusing problems.

Richard Kelham
28-Mar-2006, 16:12
Think Lensbaby without the control.

Peter McDonough
28-Mar-2006, 19:48
I have used meniscus lenses on my 8x10 with great results from f/5.6 toaround 9.5. You will have to take into consideration chemical focus as well as spherical aberration. My meniscus came from an old canon lens I took apart. I used the front element by itself. You would also do well buyinga 20" or so meniscus purchased from Edmund Scientific. The effect in B&W can be striking. In color it is not so great.

28-Mar-2006, 19:50
I emailed the seller and he emailed some sample pix. It's pretty fucking cool. The highlights have a dreaminess to them, but things still look sharp. Hopefully, Lens and Repro won't outbid me again.