View Full Version : Shooting Provia 100 without bellows extension

Diane Maher
27-Mar-2006, 05:47
This weekend, a friend of mine wanted to test his new lighting equipment. I took my 8x10 to his house to shoot some pics, but left my expo disc at home (duh!) I am fairly sure I needed some sort of bellows compensation. I was shooting Provia 100 (metered and exposed for ISO 100), with a 19 in. APO Artar lens.

My question is, should I have the lab push these sheets by a stop since I didn't compensate for bellows extension before hand (or can I do anything about it in the developing stage)?

ronald moravec
27-Mar-2006, 07:29
Will need to know the total length of the bellows used or the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the subject being photographed. I normally work off subject size, but it can be done either way.

An 8x10 subject will require 2 stop more, 16 /20 requires 1 stop for 8x10 film. This assumes a symetrical lens, not a tele or wide design which require more and less compensation than the standard formula.

Diane Maher
27-Mar-2006, 08:29
I filled most of my 8x10 gg with the head and shoulders of the people. I focused the 485 mm lens (not a tele lens) as needed. I don't have any of the measurements you mentioned. I don't often do studio shooting.

Ralph Barker
27-Mar-2006, 08:37
Diane, it sounds like your subject area (head and shoulders) was close to the 16"x20" subject area R.moravec mentioned, or about 1:2, or so. If so, that would put the bellows extension compensation at close to 1 stop. Thus, your thought of doing a 1 stop push in developing might be close.

ronald moravec
27-Mar-2006, 14:13
Head and shoulder is16/20, so send in ONE sheet and do the 1 stop push. Adjust from there.