View Full Version : Ektar mystery

Robert A. Zeichner
25-Mar-2006, 16:28
Here's something I've never seen before and I'm hoping some of you Ektar experts will have an answer. I have a 7-1/2" f4.5 Ektar in a Universal 4 shutter. I'm familiar with the C-A-M-E-R-O-S-I-T-Y formula for identifying year of manufacture, but this lens has the letter prefix O-EI xxx. This appears to be a factory engraving and it matches the same S/N that is stamped on the original box. Anyone have an idea of what the additional letter means? Do I ignore the O or the I? Mysterious.

Glenn Thoreson
25-Mar-2006, 17:11
Military or other government contract? I read something about these once but I can't remember the details, or where I read it. That must be a large lens to be in a number 4 shutter.

Robert Ley
25-Mar-2006, 19:18
I also have a Kodak lens with the O prefix. It is a 135mm WF Ektar, the serial number is O-RExxx. I have inquired and have never gotten a definitive answer. I like to think that the O stands for "Outstanding" as it is a great, sharp lens.

Doremus Scudder
27-Mar-2006, 01:18
Just a guess, but how about:

(month)-(year). I.e. O-EI would be June, 48. I have no idea what the xxx would be..

Mark Sampson
27-Mar-2006, 08:39
I've seen, and used, quite a few different Ektars (as it happens, I work in the building where they were made) and I've seen many engravings that couldn't be decoded. Kodak gave their patennt museum to the George Easstman House museum some years back- so that's where the answers might be found.