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Cal Mohney
23-Mar-2006, 20:47
My apologies if this topic question has been asked before. I did do a brief search.
My question is, do you think it might be possible for Fujifilm to make Provia 400 in 4X5 sheet film? And how would one be able to pusue the possibilty?
Thank-you in advance for your time,

steve simmons
23-Mar-2006, 21:03
I have been told that Fuji has a new 400 speed transparency film comng out later this year in 35mm and maybe 120 (I am not sure about 120). I have not heard anything about it being available in sheets.

steve simmons

Steven Barall
24-Mar-2006, 06:46
Call Fuji and ask. The question is, does someone here have the name and contact info of someone at Fuji who might be of some help to Cal?

steve simmons
24-Mar-2006, 06:58
Contact your local labs and stores and find out who the local repis. Contact him/her

steve simmons

Eirik Berger
4-Apr-2006, 00:53
The new film is called Provia 400x, and will be available in both 135 and 120.

When I tried to call Fujifilm in Norway last year, the woman I talked to did not know that they had a film named Acros. I politely hung up and started to buy all my film directy from USA and japan...