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Giovanni Da Ronch
23-Mar-2006, 12:48
Hallo everybody ,
with ebay I bought the manual of Beseler Universal 45 Haed , where there is write that it is controlled to Vc Controll (beseler item n8573) or Color Controller (beseler item 8572) .
Are avaible these controllers ?
Where I can buy them ?
In the BH photovideo there is the Universal Head but nothing controller !!!!!!
Very Thank

John Berry ( Roadkill )
23-Mar-2006, 14:10
I think you are going to have to get one the same way as you got what you have. You indicate you have the manual. If you already have the head and need the controller you'll just have to wait for one to turn up. Then be willing to bend over just a little more than the other guy in your spot. If you don't have anything yet, you know now not to get anything incomplete.

Robert Ley
23-Mar-2006, 16:23
If you must have a Beseler color head go with the 45S. I have both the 45s and the Universal with the color controller. It is a great idea, but the solid state execution was poor. I have a used one that I have not really been able to get working properly even after paying Beseler over $500 for an overhaul. I went as far as getting another controller with no good results. The 45S works very well and there are not as many electronics to go wrong. I believe the secret to getting good consistant color results with this head is to change the bulb on a more than regular basis. This is not as important if you are using the head as a B&W VC head where it also shines. A good 45S head on Ebay shouldn't cost more than a few hundred dollars or less- Good Luck.

Todd Barlow
23-Mar-2006, 17:38
Try contacting http://www.khbphotografix.com/. They have used complete systems for sale, can repair existing ones and may have componets for sale.

Good luck


Giovanni Da Ronch
25-Mar-2006, 14:18
Thanks Robert for yours advices .
Since you have a 45S , I have a question for you . I'd like to use the 45S for VC paper print.
When you change the gradation (ex. from 1.5 to 2.5) you must adjust the exposition time ?
The VCCE head of Omega LPL no necessary this change !!!
Bye , bye to Italy .