View Full Version : Where Can I Get Info on Artar Lenses?

nick rowan
1-Mar-2000, 19:16
I am interested in purchasing an Artar lens, and am wondering where I might be a ble to get specific 100%-accurate specs (such as circle of coverage, angle of co verage, serial#-per-year, total number of focal lengths ever made and in which y ears, shutter size, filter size, etc), independent test reports, general educate d opinions, and a historical overview of possible changes that were made to this lens over the last 40 years or so, right up to the latest year of manufacture u nder Schneider. I have already checked out all of the information available on this website, but need more. Is anyone aware of any articles published over the years in the various photography magazines--other than the 1995-96 multi-part H istory of Lens Design articles in View Camera magazine? Or any books, other tha n Rudolf Kingslake's A History of the Photographic Lens (Academic Press, 1989), or Jim Stone's and Steve Simmons' books on view cameras, that would provide elab orate and comprehensive information/data on this legendary lens?

Failing that, I would be interested in anyone's personal feelings/meditations on this lens, in terms of its sharpness, resolution, (at both a close and distant focus), tonality, aesthetic qualities, general performance, and usage, for both 4 x 5 and 8 x 10.

Thanks alot.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
1-Mar-2000, 20:24
Well, I suppose there is something to be said for thoroughness.

Michael S. Briggs
1-Mar-2000, 23:48
The dates of key serial numbers are given at Schneider's web site: http://www.schneideroptics.com/large/serial.htm

A brochure I have that is probably from the 1980's lists the Apo-Artar as made in 6 focal lengths. The 240, 360 and 480 mm lengths had coverages of 46 deg and were available in Copal shutters. The image diameters at f22 and for 1:1 are listed as 410, 603 and 820 mm, respectively. Note that the diamters of coverage at infinity will be 1/2 these values. The longer focal lengths had smaller angles of coverage and were not available in shutters.

The descriptive text claims "razor sharp" performance "at all shooting distances".

Pete Andrews
2-Mar-2000, 08:01
I thought the Artar was designed and manufactured by Goerz?

nick rowan
2-Mar-2000, 12:23

Thanks alot for your reply. Do you know if 240mm, 360mm, and 480mm were the ONLY focal lengths Schneider ever made the Apo-Artar in shutter, post "Red-Dot"? (I'm assuming by your answer that Schneider also made 3 other focal lengths in this same lens line, all higher than 480mm, and only in barrel.) Do you know if this particular incarnation of the Apo-Artar lens was multi-coated in all the years it was made by Schneider? And most importantly: do you know how the Apo- Artar rates against the previous Red Dot Artar--made under both Schneider, as well as by its originator, Goerz?

Would it be possible to fax me the pages of the Schneider Apo-Artar lens brochure you quoted from?

Thanks alot.


Chad Jarvis
3-Mar-2000, 15:13
I own a rather unusual Artar (at least in its focal length). Mine is a Goerz 45cm RD Apo Artar. Yes, 45cm. I rarely see this one out there for sale. It is by far the finest lens I own - contrasty and sharp on 8x10 corner-to-corner with lots of movements.

Robert A. Zeichner
4-Mar-2000, 08:00
Nick, I have an old Goertz catalog with lots of specs such as those you're looking for. Tell me what lenses you're after and I'll do my best to respond with the data.

Pete Andrews
6-Mar-2000, 06:49
The only technical info I've been able to dig up on the Goerz Artar, states that it has a coverage angle of 44 degrees, and shows it to have a similar optical construction to the Apo-ronar and Repro-claron.

Hope this is of some use.

Bruce Gavin
24-May-2000, 22:16
I have the specs on Schneider Red Dot Artars from a brochure from the 1980s. It lists 150, 210, 240, 270, 305, 355, 420, 450, 480, and 610 focal lengths, all in shutter.

The brochure provides image circle, flange focal distance, aperture, shutter size, and lens displacements.