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Stewart Skelt
23-Mar-2006, 03:06
Hi all,

I will be heading to Europe soon (from Australia) via Hong Kong. For practical as well as financial reasons I was planning to replenish film supplies in Hong Kong - 4x5 Velvia 50 and 120 Velvia 50, if still available.

Can anyone advise a shop where, from recent experience, they know these films to be available? Kowloon side would be better but any suggestions gratefully received.

Ralph Barker
23-Mar-2006, 10:31
I have no experience in Hong Kong, Stewart, recent or otherwise. But, FWIW, a Google search on "camera stores Hong Kong" comes up with a fairly extensive list. Looks like Fuji has an office there, too, so you might call/contact them for dealer info.

23-Mar-2006, 11:41

There's a firm called, "HK Supplies" that seems to sell a lot of lightmeters on e**y and it seems like they've got a pretty good reputation. I just Googled them and came up with the following website:

http://www. hksupplies.com

Apparently, they don't tend to update their site very often. However, what I would most likely do is to look for one of their listings on e**y and send them a message via the messaging center. Then, when you get a reply back from them... you're off to the races! Ask them all the questions you'd like answered.

[PS: I have absolutely nothing to do with the company nor have I purchased anything from them.]


Alternatively, I would do as Ralph has suggested... contact Fuji directly and ask them if they could set up an arrangement for you to pick your films up from their office/distributor.

Doing a quick check on Google... it shows 4 Fuji distributors in Hong Kong although the distributor you should really contact is as follows:

Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd.

[Photographic Film and Paper, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Digital Printers, Minilab Systems, Micro Films ]
In addition to Hong Kong, this distributor also covers Macau.

8th floor, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre
220-248 Texaco Road
Tsuen Wan N.T.
Hong Kong

Website: http://www.fujifilm.com.hk/

[The other 3 distributors sells other Fuji products such as graphic arts supplies, medical imaging gear, etc.]


I'm mentioning this "just in case" HK Supplies can/won't be able to help you with what you need. :)

BTW... as a caveat, I would make sure that the film you're buying has been kept in a proper temperature since it gets awfully hot in Hong Kong. It'd be downright maddening if you bought the film, shot some gorgeous images, had them processed... only to find there's major color shifts due to the film being "cooked!"

Good luck...


Johnny Eng
23-Mar-2006, 17:57
If your choice is Velvia 50, forget about these films in Hong Kong. I am living in Hong Kong but I need to buy Velvia 50 120, 4x5 and 8x10 in Tokyo.

King Kong
24-Mar-2006, 04:12
"Can anyone advise a shop where, from recent experience, they know these films to be available? Kowloon side would be better but any suggestions gratefully received. "

HK - you really aren't looking hard enough. In-date Velvia 50 is available in Hong Kong. 8x10" may be a challenge but the rest are not.

Kowloon Side? You can get sheet film from Man Shing Photo Stores on Sai Yeung Choi Street [MTR exit Mong Kok + make sure you break a compass for orientation]. The crowds and air pollution here is baffling. If you're not dizzy and confused within an hour, the traffic monoxide and foul air will finish you. Benefits? Velvia 50 sells for $26HK per roll, fresh dated 2007 ($3.5 US). You won't find large format film in this size of the island - I've been looking for years.

The best large format film stockist in Hong Kong (including its 256 islands+ New Territories) is still Photo Scientific based at 6 Stanley Street, Central (852) 2810 6917. Exit from Central MTR Station, Exit D1 or D2 and cross into Stanley Street where it is the first shop facing you up that incline towards the Soho District. Mr Poon the proprietor and his shop assistants can work with English and their prices are standardised however don't expect such cut-rate prices as in Mong Kok (rents are higher in Central District). They are well stocked in colour negatives (mostly Kodak 160,400) as well as Fuji Velvia and Provia 5x4". They may order it in or reserve enough for you if required.

Any shop which doesn't disclose its price upfront - be wary of or at least expect to pay a foreigner's surcharge.

21-May-2011, 02:28
Ive been shooting large format for about 8 months. i frequent the same places to buy 4x5 film.

There is photoscientific on stanley in central. And kowloon photo service in yau ma tei. I frequent them every few weeks when i run put of film. like the first post, velvia was not possible to obtain in hk. Fuji said they stopped distributing and the two companies said
they dont stock it. I settled on provia 100. which wing shing in mong kok also carries.

today, i went to photoscientific. Suddenly velvia was there. However the guy there was a real dick about it all. I asked when did they get this shippment, he said they always had it. i asked if he was sure, i explained how often i visit their store and how his explaination fails to explain the past 8 months. He then ignored me.

Conclusion. Photoscientific has veliva 50 but they can be quite abrasive.