View Full Version : This could happen to you!!

Mark DeMulder
29-Feb-2000, 21:45
This is an anecdote, rather than a question. I share it for the humor value. I recently visited Chicago (from my home in Northern Virginia) and took some phot os that I thought might be good. I had finished most of the processing and was at the point of washing the film (in a tray under running water) and looked away for a bit. Meanwhile, my seven year old decided that she needed to clean her p aint brushes (gobbed on with thick tempra paint) and naturally used the running water, which of course was washing the film. When I finally looked over at the sink, there was a thick scum of clumpy old paint circulating in with my negative s! Well guess what, after a thorough wash, no harm done. I guess those of us w ho think of negatives as so fragile should relax a little.

Darron Spohn
1-Mar-2000, 10:43
There's nothing like a shot of adrenaline to make you realize how much you love your children.